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Hydradermie Lift Treatment

July 31, 2014  

A Hydradermie Lift enhances facial features and provides an immediate “lifting” effect. By means of facial stimulation, the Hydradermie Lift results in immediate rejuvenation of the face and yields remarkable visible results after only one treatment session. After treatment, immediate results of lifted facial features are seen, as the skin regains its tone and wrinkles […]

Anti-aging non surgical face-lift treatments in Lynnwood

July 19, 2014  

Anti-aging non surgical face-lift treatments help to even out the complexion by fading sun damage spots or zapping away spidery thread veins. Additionally these treatments also assist in making your skin more radiant and reduces fine lines and wrinkles effectively. Non surgical face-lift treatments are also great for fading sun spots, broken veins and reducing visible pigmentation marks. Many […]