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Enjoy the Benefits of Heat Massage in Mukilteo

February 4, 2016  

For many people, a massage is a luxury treatment to be enjoyed infrequently, reserved only for special occasions. For others, it is a necessity to be scheduled regularly for the ultimate in relaxation and/or pain relief. There are numerous types of massages from which to choose and it can be a puzzle to select the best one […]

Restoration with Cranial Sacral Massage Therapy in Mukilteo

February 3, 2016  

There are so many different types of massage therapy that it can be confusing to know exactly the best option for your particular needs. Cranial sacral massage therapy in Mukilteo is an extremely gentle manipulation of the soft tissues and bones of the head, spine and pelvis and the membranes and fluids contained within them. […]

Learn More about Swedish Massage in Mukilteo

February 2, 2016  

In all likelihood, if you visit a spa for a simple massage without knowing exactly what type you want, that your treatment will at least be based in part on Swedish massage in Mukilteo. Founded by Pehr Henrik Ling in the 1800s, Swedish massage is best known for improving poor circulation, relieving stress, calming sore muscles, removing […]

Restore Sore Muscles with Deep Tissue Massage in Mukilteo

December 31, 2015  

A deep tissue massage in Mukilteo is distinctly different from a traditional massage session in that it effectively restores deep muscle layers and connective tissue that may have been damaged from any number of causes. Focusing on a specific problem or issue such as rehabilitation or chronic muscle pain allows deep tissue massage to work […]

Athletes Can Benefit from Sports Massage Treatment in Mukilteo

December 18, 2015  

If you are an active sports enthusiast, no matter what your game or activity, a massage provides welcome relief for sore muscles. There are numerous benefits to having a sports massage treatment in Mukilteo rather than a simple, traditional massage. A sports massage is performed by a specially trained clinician who has experience in the field and pays particular […]

Simplify Your Holiday Shopping with Spa Gift Certificates in Mukilteo

December 11, 2015  

While the holidays approaching at a more rapid pace every day, it is becoming even more stressful to determine the perfect gift for each person on your list, locate them and purchase them in a reasonable time frame. For that individual for whom you just don’t know what to buy, consider purchasing always perfect spa gift certificates in Mukilteo. Le Visage Wellness […]

Protect Your Skin with Facials in Lynnwood

December 9, 2015  

Most people know that our skin is the body’s largest organ, as it stretches over the entire surface. It has several functions but most importantly, protects the internal organs and helps eliminate unwanted waste. As such, it is crucial to care for our skin so that it can effectively do its job. Utilizing sunscreen and […]

Try Hydra-Clean in Everett for Radiant Skin

December 2, 2015  

As an unfortunate side effect of growing older, most women show their ages in the face, neck and hands with wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. If you want to keep everyone guessing about how old you really are, you should try a unique facial treatment called hydra-clean in Everett. Completed in 30 minutes or less, […]

Series of 3 Effect of Rejuvenating Peels in Edmonds

November 19, 2015  

There are so many factors that negatively affect our skin as we age that it is often difficult to keep up. In particular, the face and neck area are the most susceptible. Features that are not only unattractive but harmful include: sun damage from typical and excessive exposure over the years, pigmentation issues like discoloration […]

Even Surgeons Recommend Photo-Rejuvenation in Mukilteo

November 11, 2015  

If you are unhappy with the visible effects of aging on your face and chest from sun exposure, hormonal changes and just plain life in general, there are a number of options available to improve the look of your skin. Creams, serums, exfoliants, injections and surgery can all aid in smoother and more supple skin, […]

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