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Why Body Massage in Everett Works to Relieve Pain

March 17, 2017  

Millions of satisfied clients over thousands of years can attest to the fact that massage works to relax muscles and relieve sometimes debilitating pain from strain, overexertion or injury. Whereas body massage in Everett was once simply considered a luxury or treat, it has become more accepted within the medical community for the health benefits that […]

Look Into Cranial Sacral Massage in Edmonds for Pain Relief

March 8, 2017  

Over 100 years ago, osteopath Dr. William Sutherland determined that body tissues produce rhythmic impulses that can be gently manipulated to provide pain relief. The points at which skull bones are fused together, called sutures, have the ability to move slightly when carefully massaged. He found a relationship between this movement and body fluids that […]

Take Advantage of Deep Facial Cleansing with Hydraclean in Lynnwood

February 28, 2017  

We all know that it is crucial to cleanse our skin, particularly the face, on a daily basis, and to moisturize the delicate skin in this area of the body. Some people use simple soap and water and others spend more on a particular facial treatment with specific claims for effectiveness. Both have the ultimate […]

Sports Massage Treatment in Everett for Exercise Enthusiasts

February 26, 2017  

Hundreds of studies and just as many medical professionals extol the benefits of regular exercise. While a scheduled regimen of specific cardio work is best for most individuals, even some minimal activity has distinct advantages for overall health. To retain muscle flexibility, encourage further range of motion and relieve the aches and pains that sometimes […]

Feel the Difference After a Microdermabrasion Treatment

February 17, 2017  

The beauty industry is constantly searching for the latest and greatest solutions for aging skin. There are thousands of products on the market that target wrinkles, bags and sags. It can be difficult to choose a single treatment that will address multiple skin issues. Why not rely on the professionals at a spa to determine […]

Enjoy Multiple Benefits from Heat Massage in Edmonds

February 10, 2017  

Massage has become a popular solution to a number of physical and mental ailments and is available virtually everywhere. The health benefits that are obtained with heat massage in Edmonds are worth exploring. There are many types of massage that involve unique methods for manipulating muscles, including: Swedish massage, sports massage, deep massage and trigger […]

Winter Skin Cures: Home Treatment and Facials in Lynnwood

February 1, 2017  

Even women who take great care of their skin often have more difficulty maintaining hydration and smoothness during colder months. There are a number of specific strategies that you can follow to reduce redness, increase the benefits of moisturizers and eliminate common problems in less than ideal weather. While there are many types of facials […]

Enjoy a Therapeutic Swedish Massage in Everett

January 24, 2017  

Deep tissue massage and Swedish massage in Everett are the most well-recognized and practiced types of therapeutic massage in the United States and are best practiced by professionals specially trained in the art. Swedish massage is the basis for other types of massage, such as deep tissue and sports massage and has its origin in the physiology and […]

Relieve Stress with Deep Tissue Massage in Edmonds

January 18, 2017  

Virtually everyone has experienced painful, stiff or sore muscles at one time or another. Your muscle health can be negatively affected by tension and stress and can be effectively relieved with deep tissue massage in Edmonds. Since your muscles are living tissues, they should be cared for like any other part of your body for overall […]

Enjoy the Effects of Rejuvenating Peels in Mukilteo

January 18, 2017  

What exactly IS a chemical peel? Why should I have one? Are they painful? What type of results should I expect? The list of questions about the effects of rejuvenating peels in Mukilteo is almost endless. We all know that sun exposure, aging, eating habits over a lifetime, stress and medication side effects can be detrimental […]

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