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Rejuvenating Non Surgical Facelift Treatments

Advanced Medical BIO-LIFT! – $135

Exciting Electropulse method for non-surgical face lift. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. It’s in the muscle tone that supports your skin. A lifting effect is created using the newest stateof-the-art technology to help keep your eyes wide, your cheeks up high, and the corners of your mouth from turning down. This is the only lifting treatment that can be used around the eye area. A more youthful appearance is created in a short amount of time. Approximate time for procedure: 1 hour

What to expect?

  • Fine lines improve quickly
  • Deeper lines will start improving in 6-9 treatments
  • Muscles lift to a more youthful line
  • Enlarged pores tighten
  • Tightens the skin tissue, minimizes large pores
  • Complexion glows

Advanced Medical PLASMA PEEL! – $225

From the U.S. medical industry! A wet procedure whereby a stream of sterile saline is sprayed past a high frequency electrode. The saline spray is then ionized by the electrode to form a plasma field. This plasma field disassociates the molecular structure of the skin and sterilizes the tissue. Approximate time for procedure: 25 minutes

micro-dermabrasion-wrinklesWhat to expect?
• Hydrates and rejuvenates the epidermis
• Treats acne, rosacea, melasma and fine lines
• Breaks up hyperpigmentation
• Collegen stimulation
• Tightens the skin tissue, minimizes large pores
• Supersterilizes the skin

Power-Peel-ImagePower Peel® Micro-dermabrasion:
Microdermabrasion treatment will enhance the skin condition and do what no other treatment available can (without surgery), in combating the signs of aging. Also, this is the preferred treatment to improve acne scars.

Safe and effective alternative to chemical peels and laser resurfacing. Fine lines are erased, and acne scars and wrinkles are reduced using gentle microcrystals. Your skin texture–and your self image–will improve.

New Professional Sensa Peel

Series of 3  – $399.00, additional add-on layer – $25.00 each

Uniquely formulated intel-release professional peels utilize an advanced delivery system to slowly release exfoliating acids into the skin. This reduces the potential for acute inflammation and irritation. The peels effectively exfoliate lifeless cells revealing new energizing skin which will allow for proper absorption of oxygen and nutrients; critical elements for healthy vibrant skin. This completely customized skin treatment actively addresses fine lines, acne, hyper pigmentation and dry skin and results will be seen with one treatment. Dramatic results are also achieved when this treatment is given in a series and accompanied by a proper home care regime.

Anti-Aging and Skin Healing Photo Rejuvenation Therapy- $95

sagging-skinCombination of intense red and healing red light naturally increases collagen, skin cells and improves skin circulation.

• Smooth Wrinkles & Fine Lines
• Firmer, More Elastic Skin Results
• Tighten Enlarged Pores
• Smooth & Tone Damaged Skin Surface
• Lighten Discolorations
• Speed Healing after Surgery or Injury
• Reduce Scars

Vitacura®..5 Phase Firming Advanced Skin Repair Treatment – $159

It lifts, firms, repairs and hydrates mature skin.