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  • Take Years Off Your Face With a Micro-Current Facial

    July 28, 2011  

    Do you look in the mirror and wonder who that is staring back at you? You’re not alone! Women as young as 40 are seeking cosmetic surgery to ‘touch-up’ their aging faces. Not everyone can afford the luxury, expense or time involved with getting a face-lift. Have you considered the option of an Edmond’s Micro-Current […]

    Lake Stevens Skin Care: Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

    July 22, 2011  

    Are you sick and tired of looking sick and tired – especially when you aren’t sick and tired? As we age, it doesn’t seem to take much stress to show its effects on our face. For an extra shot of oxygen to your skin, Lake Stevens Skin Care line now offers Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing […]

    Everett Microdermabrasion Revealed!

    July 22, 2011  

    Suffering from the scars of adolescent acne? Want to remove those unsightly age spots? The perfect non-surgical solution to any skin imperfections is Everett Microdermabrasion! This deep exfoliation will leave your skin fresh and smooth. How is Microdermabrasion Performed? After cleansing your skin with a special cleansing gel, your esthetician uses a hand-held device that […]

    Finally! Help for Shaving Woes from Mukilteo Makeup Shop

    July 15, 2011  

    Sensitive skin or no, razor burn can happen to you! OUCH!!! In it’s most benign state, razor burn, razor bumps, razor-burn folliculitis is most common on men’s faces due to daily shaving. It is not unusual for women to have razor burn either! Left untreated, razor-burn can become infected, requiring medical attention. If you suffer […]

    What is Edmonds Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting?

    July 14, 2011  

    Looking for a way to highlight your eyes without the rigors of plucking, curling and application? Tinting your eyelashes and/or eyebrows may well be the solution you seek! Imagine waking up without a face (and eyes) full of mascara you forgot to wash the night before. Plus the added illusion of being ‘made-up’ as soon […]

    How Do Moisturizers Work?

    July 8, 2011  

    The term moisturizer is often misconstrued by consumers as a product that increases the  moisture content in the skin. Although a critical component of most skin care regimens,  the moisture content of your skin is not directly increased with the application of moisturizers. Acting to restore the wear surface by providing a protective film and […]

    What is D2O? Snohomish Hydration Spray

    July 7, 2011  

    “Heavy Water”, also known as D2O Deuterium Oxide Chiral Water Asymmetric Water Optically Active Water Living Water is available in water (H2O) from natural sources in very limited concentrations (0.015%). Enriched or concentrated through either evaporation, distillation or a combination of both methods, has a molecular weight that is about 10% heavier than H2O (20 […]

    Improve Your Handicap With a Golfer’s Massage

    July 1, 2011  

    Every golfer, novice to professional, can benefit from Lake Stevens Golfer’s Massage. Recommended in concert with appropriate warm-up, therapeutic massage can help improve your game by loosening various muscles and joints. Coupled with reflexology, a skilled massage therapist will put you in touch with your body; pointing out inflammation will make you more aware of […]