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  • Effective skin rejuvenation treatments in Lynnwood

    April 24, 2014  

    A few short years ago, soap and water seemed to be enough for the entire population when it came to face care. Slowly, but surely, more and more women and men have been using skin rejuvenation treatments in Lynnwood due to the noticeable difference they really make.  People don’t think twice about regular gym visits to work-out […]

    Women’s facial in Mukilteo

    April 17, 2014  

    Women’s facials are becoming extremely popular and part of a normal regularly scheduled beauty routine. If your skin is feeling distinctly dull, then a facial in Mukilteo could be just the pick-me-up for less than radiant complexions. A simple facial can make an immediate difference to improve skin texture and appearance, helping to banish dullness […]

    Tips from an Edmonds make-up artist

    April 10, 2014  

    We all know that make-up artists can perform cosmetic miracles. And if you’ve ever seen a professional make-up artist in Edmonds working on a face, you’ll appreciate how they “finish” a face in a totally different way to how you’d usually do your make-up at home. Below are some make-up tips you can use from the […]

    Effective Chin Hair Removal

    April 6, 2014  

    It is one of the last taboos – those thick, wiry hairs that grow out of your chin. They don’t feel like any other hair, not brows, not lashes.. They are strong, and mighty and defiant. They are as sharp as needles. They’re like pig hairs. And they’re sneaky too, you think there are just […]