European Skin Care Treatment in Mukilteo

October 30, 2014  

There are so many products (literally thousands) today that tout their anti-aging properties and benefits. It is hard to know what to choose. Does spending more money equal a better

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Back Hair Waxing in Lynnwood

October 22, 2014  

Having excessive back hair can be an embarrassing and inconvenient problem for many men today. Professional back waxing on a periodic basis can be the answer. While the hair can be removed by

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The Value of a Professional Esthetician

October 15, 2014  

There are few things in life more luxurious than treating yourself (or being treated) to an afternoon at a spa. Not only is it wonderful to indulge yourself for once,

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Men Can Benefit from Facial Skin Care

October 7, 2014  

Although frequently not given the attention traditionally reserved for women in particular, men should also maintain effective skin care methodologies to retain a supple and younger-looking face. The ladies are

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Unusual Make-up Twists

October 1, 2014  

Some interesting and remarkable cosmetic trends were vibrantly displayed at the Spring 2015 New York Fashion Week. Interesting trends are nothing unusual at this bold and avant garde continuing event. It is a benchmark for what is

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