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  • Shoulder Massage in Mukilteo

    February 25, 2016  

    The human body is a miraculous combination of systems that work in tandem with one another for optimum health and fitness. When one area is affected by illness or injury, though, it often spreads to other areas. This is very evident when dealing with stress. The body is very capable of handling short-term stress. Dealing […]

    Mother’s Day Promotion and Specials

    February 19, 2016  

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Let your mom know how much she means to you, by giving her the gift of relaxation and beauty. Le Visage Wellness Center is offering a variety of spa treatments and services at a special Mother’s Day price including facials, body massages, and much more! Contact the professionals […]

    Relieve Annoying Aches and Pains with a Neck Massage in Mukilteo

    February 17, 2016  

    From time to time, virtually everyone has suffered from the pain of a stiff neck or “crick,” debilitating tension headaches or shoulder and back pain that prevent the completion of normal everyday activities. Simply applying gentle pressure with your fingertips and circular rubbing motions as well as slow clockwise neck rotation can feel heavenly for these unwelcome […]

    Soothe Body and Mind with Lomi Lomi Massage in Mukilteo

    February 11, 2016  

    Of all the numerous and varying massage therapies available, nothing is quite like the Lomi Lomi massage in Mukilteo. Also known as Hawaiian or “loving hands” massage, the emphasis of this treatment is a continuous rubbing or kneading motion like that of a contented cat (or “lomi lomi” in Hawaiian) and is hundreds of years […]

    Enjoy the Benefits of Heat Massage in Mukilteo

    February 4, 2016  

    For many people, a massage is a luxury treatment to be enjoyed infrequently, reserved only for special occasions. For others, it is a necessity to be scheduled regularly for the ultimate in relaxation and/or pain relief. There are numerous types of massages from which to choose and it can be a puzzle to select the best one […]

    Restoration with Cranial Sacral Massage Therapy in Mukilteo

    February 3, 2016  

    There are so many different types of massage therapy that it can be confusing to know exactly the best option for your particular needs. Cranial sacral massage therapy in Mukilteo is an extremely gentle manipulation of the soft tissues and bones of the head, spine and pelvis and the membranes and fluids contained within them. […]

    Learn More about Swedish Massage in Mukilteo

    February 2, 2016  

    In all likelihood, if you visit a spa for a simple massage without knowing exactly what type you want, that your treatment will at least be based in part on Swedish massage in Mukilteo. Founded by Pehr Henrik Ling in the 1800s, Swedish massage is best known for improving poor circulation, relieving stress, calming sore muscles, removing […]