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  • Get the Most from Eyebrow Waxing in Lynnwood

    July 25, 2016  

    Trying a new look with different clothing styles, spectacular jewelry, a new mascara, eye shadow or lipstick is common since a mistake is easily remedied. Clothes can be returned and makeup can be removed with little effort. However, an eyebrow error is not as simple to repair. Before going to your appointment for eyebrow waxing in Lynnwood, there are […]

    A Body Massage in Everett Can Improve Your Well-Being

    July 23, 2016  

    Did you know that massage therapy has been proven to induce relaxation and reduce pain throughout the body, no matter what the cause? Body massage in Everett has additional benefits, as well, for a number of specific ailments and health problems in both men and women. Common medical issues such as headaches and migraines, joint […]

    Acupuncture in Mukilteo: A Centuries-Old Treatment

    July 12, 2016  

    Acupuncture is an alternative medical treatment or healing process that dates back more than 8000 years. While most people who hear the term “acupuncture” know that it involves needles stuck all over the body, it is actually a more complex art founded in the New Stone Age of China in the Taoist tradition. Acupuncture in Mukilteo […]

    Try a Neck Massage in Edmonds for Stress Relief

    July 9, 2016  

    Neck pain and stiffness is an extremely common issue that is faced by virtually everyone at one time or another, and for some it is an unwelcome, chronic condition. Sometimes it is a brief occurrence and for others, it is more long lasting. In addition to neck problems, associated issues include tension headaches and back […]

    Your Checklist for Bikini Waxing in Lynnwood

    July 1, 2016  

    Bikini waxing in Lynnwood is an excellent way to prepare for that special event or a trip to the beach. As with any procedure, there is a risk for infection. Problems such as skin burns from wax that is too hot, small skin tearing, bleeding, in-grown hairs, pain, abscesses and bacterial infections are all possible […]