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  • Professional vs Home Eyebrow Waxing in Mukilteo

    October 26, 2016  

    An eyebrow waxing highlights your facial features and gives an overall polished look to your appearance. It may be hard to decide whether eyebrow waxing in Mukilteo is something that you can tackle yourself or if you should rely on a professional. Here’s the lowdown: An experienced cosmetologist charges from $8-$50 for eyebrow waxing, depending upon design […]

    Enjoy a Relaxing Body Massage in Edmonds

    October 19, 2016  

    Professional massage therapy has proven beneficial for both relaxation and pain relief for centuries. It has a number of additional advantages, as well. Learn more here about why you should sign up for your personal body massage in Edmonds. A number of common medical problems can be relieved with a massage, including: joint pain and […]

    Utilize Acupuncture in Lynnwood for Pain Relief

    October 12, 2016  

    Narcotic pain killers are being prescribed and being abused at an alarming rate that continues to grow each day. People who suffer from chronic pain simply want relief from continuous pain resulting from an injury or arthritis. Medication is simple to recommend and often can supply at least some relief. The problem lies in increased […]

    How to Reap the Most Benefits from Neck Massage in Everett

    October 5, 2016  

    Neck pain can be the result of many different issues, including: sleeping awkwardly, poor posture when using a computer and injury and can severely limit both personal and professional activities on a daily basis. Typical treatment usually involves anti-inflammatory medication like Tylenol and Aleve but these do not often supply enough relief and can have […]

    Why Bikini Waxing in Mukilteo is Worth It

    October 3, 2016  

    Bikini waxing in Mukilteo is well worth the cost. It is a quick way to rid the body of unwanted hair, maintenance is monthly as opposed to almost daily with shaving, since hair is pulled by the roots it tends not to re-grow as quickly, any discomfort is brief and is a professional spa experience that […]