4 Natural Ways to Boost Fertility Treatment in Everett

4 Natural Ways to Boost Fertility Treatment in Everett

Alternative medical intervention is more mainstream than ever and no more critical than in natural remedies for fertility treatment in Everett. Just as complementary medicine has proven beneficial for dealing with migraines, asthma, and allergies, it has helped couples conceive where other therapies have failed.

There are several natural ways to boost fertility that, while more testing still needs to be done, have shown promise for increasing the chances of conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. They include:

• Relaxation Practices – Techniques like yoga, meditation, talk therapy, and guided visualization are helpful to reduce the tremendous amount of stress that accompanies infertility. Too much stress isn’t beneficial for anyone and is very detrimental for those trying to conceive.
• Hypnosis – Practitioners believe that hypnosis promotes fertility by using relaxation to alleviate fears about conception. Stress releases the hormone cortisol which upsets the balance of hormones required for ovulation, fertilization and egg implantation.
• Acupuncture – An ancient Asian practice, acupuncture increases blood flow to reproductive organs and restores hormonal balance to increase the chances of conceiving. Insertion of small needles into specific areas of the body balances energy and all body systems. Both men and women can benefit. Men may experience better sperm quality and increased sperm counts.
• Chiropractic Intervention – Manipulation of the spine and other body areas can improve hormonal balance by realigning nerves that are out of whack.

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