How to Reap the Most Benefits from Neck Massage in Everett

How to Reap the Most Benefits from Neck Massage in EverettNeck pain can be the result of many different issues, including: sleeping awkwardly, poor posture when using a computer and injury and can severely limit both personal and professional activities on a daily basis. Typical treatment usually involves anti-inflammatory medication like Tylenol and Aleve but these do not often supply enough relief and can have unwelcome side effects. In addition, many people utilize self-massage or have a friend work the neck muscles. This can actually be quite dangerous and the opportunity for injury is high since most people do not have the proper training to safely administer a massage. According to a study published in Annals of Family Medicine, there are two or more factors that must be employed to see the most benefits from neck massage in Everett.

  • A neck massage must be completed by a professional masseuse or massage therapist to increase range of motion and relive stiffness without suffering pain.
  • Having a one-hour massage 3 or 4 times per week for several weeks is the optimal situation that provides the ultimate in benefits but a 30-minute massage once or twice a week does offer some decrease in the amount of pain.

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