A Hydralift in Edmonds Will Give You Younger, Smoother Skin

hydralift in Edmonds

Getting a professional facial on a regular basis increases the effectiveness of your at-home skin care regimen. Determining which type of facial that would best suit your skin and its unique requirements involves a little more investigation, as there are thousands of products on the market that can be purchased over the counter or attained at a salon. The possibilities are almost endless. One type of facial that has excellent results is the hydralift in Edmonds that produces skin that is firmer, tighter and smoother in one visit and at an affordable cost.

A hydralift treatment is an all-encompassing facial that utilizes specialized ingredients according to skin type and the results you want to obtain. It emphasizes deep hydration, cell renewal and lifting of sagging skin on the face, neck and chest.

Skin is particularly susceptible to the change in seasons and can demonstrate this sensitivity through excess oil, dry skin patches, lack of elasticity and lifelessness. These situations make skin appear much older and dull, giving you a limp look that isn’t attractive to anyone. A hydralift treatment removes dead skin, shrinks pores and lifts sagginess without injections or invasive surgical techniques and is very affordable. There is no swelling or bruising or opportunity for infection to develop as in plastic surgery facelifts.

Schedule an appointment for a rejuvenating hydralift in Edmonds by calling the experienced estheticians at Le Visage Wellness at (425)905-2410. Enjoy dramatic results after a single session or book several to achieve long-lasting younger-looking skin.