A Shoulder Massage in Edmonds Does Not Have to be Intimidating

shoulder massage in EdmondsFor some individuals, the thought of getting a professional body massage or even a simple shoulder massage in Edmonds is intimidating. There are several facts that must be evaluated before deciding definitively that you do not want a massage.

  • It is NOT always necessary to remove all your clothing to receive the benefits of massage. While there are some massage techniques that are more effective without a clothing barrier, your therapist wants you to be comfortable during the procedure and is open to discussion about your personal session.
  • Finances should not be a reason to drop massage therapy. It is possible that insurance will cover the procedure. Shorter, less frequent sessions may be more affordable, as well.
  • While tipping is certainly not mandatory, a massage therapist is often paid similarly to a server in a restaurant, in that she is only compensated for a portion of your treatment session. A massage professional typically expects a tip of 15% or more, depending upon the type of service.
  • Massage therapists are used to dealing with people who are ticklish. She can adjust her technique to compensate for this situation and still allow for a relaxing session.
  • Massage should not be painful. Deep strokes may be a little uncomfortable but feel free to talk about this with the clinician.

The bottom line is that your therapist encourages your questions and wants to make your experience as pleasant and effectual as possible. For additional information about shoulder massage in Edmonds or to make an appointment, call Le Visage Wellness at (425)905-2410.