Acupuncture in Edmonds for Anxiety and Depression

The traditional Chinese medicine known as acupuncture has been in existence and practiced for centuries and used with success to treat a variety of ailments from chronic pain to stomach issues. The basis for this treatment option is the stimulation of specific points on the body to correct imbalance of the Qi or internal energy. For those millions of individuals suffering from anxiety disorders and depression, exploring the benefits of acupuncture in Edmonds is well worth the effort.

Acupuncture in Edmonds

Well-trained and experienced practitioners have utilized acupuncture for years and consider it a legitimate choice to treat depression and anxiety. Almost everyone has depressive moods and anxiousness at some point in their lives. This is normal. However, there are those persons who deal with frequently debilitating and crippling panic and sadness from which they have extreme difficulty rising above on a daily basis.

With results comparable to CBT or cognitive behavior therapy, acupuncture may be the answer for people looking for alternative treatment methodologies that do not have the severe side effects that come with strong prescription medications.

For treatment of depression, acupuncture targets the liver primarily but also the heart and spleen through points on the hands and feet. The heart and kidneys are out of balance when someone has an anxiety disorder.

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