Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes acupuncture and herbal medicine, and has been a successful healing modality for thousands of years. It is a complete medical system that works both energetically and physiologically to restore balance and harmony to the body in the treatment of pain and illness. It is effective at remediating the mental and environmental stresses that bombard us on a daily basis, and is essential for preventative care.

Qi (Chi) is the material foundation of all that exists in the Universe. It is the vital life force of the human body, and flows through a web of interconnected pathways that we call meridians. Acupuncture treatment involves engaging the body’s Qi and restoring proper flow and balance by using hair-thin needles to stimulate points along these meridians. Chinese herbs work in conjunction with acupuncture to disrupt unhealthy patterns that are causing pain or illness, altering our internal environment, and revitalizing the body’s own inherent ability for healing.

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