Anti-Aging Hydra-Lift Treatment in Everett

Let’s face the unfortunate facts. Age is not kind to our skin, both on the surface and below it. Repeated sun exposure and other harsh weather conditions, daily makeup application and removal potions, blemishes, scars, heredity and other issues negatively affect the inner structure and epidermis of skin, particularly in the facial area. Scheduling a hydra-lift treatment in Everett can aid in regenerating the appearance of older skin.


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A unique spa treatment option especially targeting the face and neck, a hydra-lift treatment effectively lifts sagging skin, tones, firms, hydrates and stimulates the muscles beneath the face to tighten the skin in a relaxing and non-invasive way. Wrinkles are diminished without the potentially dangerous and expensive surgery involved with a facelift and there is no need for recovery time since the skin is not broken. You leave the spa with fresh and younger-looking skin.

Utilizing specially-designed creams, gels, serums and lotions applied in a precise manner over the face, and smoothed with an ionizing device, hydra-lift takes less than 90 minutes to complete. Often, treatment can occur within your lunch period at work.

To learn more about how a hydra-lift treatment in Everett can benefit you, call to speak to a spa professional at Le Visage Wellness at (425)905-2410. Our team has the necessary experience and expertise to successfully help you look and feel younger in a record amount of time. Hydra-lift is a convenient and affordable way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and offer a preventive method against future damage. Contact us today!