Athletes Can Benefit from Sports Massage Treatment in Mukilteo

If you are an active sports enthusiast, no matter what your game or activity, a massage provides welcome relief for sore muscles. There are numerous benefits to having a sports massage treatment in Mukilteo rather than a simple, traditional massage.

Sports Massage Treatment in Mukilteo

A sports massage is performed by a specially trained clinician who has experience in the field and pays particular attention to the anatomy that is affected by varying sports. Most muscles utilized when playing basketball are different than those of a long distance runner, for example. The purpose of each muscle and the massage techniques used for it  are dependent upon the sport and the needs of the individual.

After participation in your chosen exercise, sports massage can provide deep tissue stimulation and return a higher degree of function to your muscles. Stressed and tightened muscles are smoothed and loosed and tension released effectively throughout the session. If you select a pre-sports massage instead, muscle flexibility is increased, blood circulation improves and brain function is enhanced. Muscle strength and endurance grows and function developed. Your body will be ready for your game or marathon and have a distinct advantage over those who have not had this treatment. Injury is less likely.

For a traditional massage or sports massage treatment in Mukilteo, whether pre- or post-activity or both, contact the professionals at Le Visage Wellness at (425)905-2410 to schedule your appointment with one of our expert clinicians. We will be happy to provide relaxing massage service in a calm and serene environment.