Athletes: Visit Us For Sports Massage Treatment

sports massage treatment in EdmondsTherapeutic sports massage can be advantageous for all types of athletes, from those who participate in activities like local team sports to professionals. Therapy is individualized for both the person and his particular sport. Focus is on the muscles that get the most use (and overuse) and stress from repetitive and sometimes aggressive movement. Enjoy the numerous benefits of sports massage treatment in Edmonds to help you enjoy life in general, and your specific athletic endeavor, in particular.

While most people think of sports massage as a necessary aspect for professionals, everyone involved in even the smallest way in athletic activity can reap the benefits. Massage prior to an athletic event can relax muscles and loosen joints to foster additional flexibility, reducing fatigue, improving endurance, aiding in injury prevention and preparing the body for the sometimes brutal pressure on it.

Sports massage therapy uniquely targets the muscle-tendon junctions. Studies have shown that range of motion is improved and muscle soreness after activity is decreased with massage either before or after strenuous sports activity.

Scheduling a sports massage every couple of weeks can be a welcome addition to your physical fitness regimen. A trained masseuse can offer welcome advice about a plan specific to your needs that works with your busy schedule and is affordable for your budget.

Learn how sports massage treatment in Edmonds can aid you in keeping fit and feeling strong by calling Le Visage Wellness at (425)905-2410. Schedule your initial consultation today and reap the benefits of relaxation.