Benefits of a Dead Sea Salt Glow Body Scrub

A Everett Salt Glow Scrub can benefit your skin’s health in a number of ways. Because of its high mineral content, the salt used is from the Dead Sea. The scrub is stimulating and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

What to Expect

Your Salt Glow Scrub will be performed by a licensed esthetician or massage therapist. To protect your privacy, you will be placed in a “wet room” that allows for thorough rinsing after the scrub is completed. Alternatively, you will be a treatment room and asked to shower following the salt glow rub.

You will receive your body rub naked, to allow full access to your back, arms, legs and feet. Usually, you will be asked to lay face-down on a treatment table that has been draped in either a sheet, towel or thin plastic for sanitary reasons. Some treatment rooms are equipped with an overhead shower for rinsing after treatment.

Your esthetician will scrub the back side of your body first (including arms, legs, feet and back). Often, the room will be kept warm enough to keep your comfortable, but if you are chilled, the esthetician can expose only the areas of your body being scrubbed. If you feel vulnerable exposed, your esthetician will gladly cover the areas not being scrubbed! You will then turn over to have the front side of your body scrubbed.

Once your esthetician has completed the salt glow rub the salt will be removed by:

  1. You stepping into a shower and rinsing your body
  2. Your esthetician rinsing your body with the overhead shower at the table
  3. Your esthetician removing the salt using moist, warm towels
Removing all the salt from your body is essential before returning to the table. While you are showering (or after the esthetician has finished rinsing your body), a clean sheet will be placed over the treatment table. You will lay down once again and your esthetician will apply a moisturizer (either oil or lotion).

Benefits of Salt Glow Rub

In addition to exfoliation, the friction and minerals of the Dead Sea salt rub brings a fresh supply of blood to the skin’s surface, which can help with:

  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Weakness
  • Endurance Problems
  • Poor Circulation
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Muscle Wasting
  • Chronic Indigestion
  • Cancer
Please note that a salt glow treatment can be dangerous if you have open lesions or suffer from an acute debilitating condition. If you are uncertain whether your body is well suited for a Everett Salt Glow Scrub, please consult your physician first!