Benefits of Body Massage in Lynnwood

body massage in LynnwoodThe art of massage has been around for thousands of years around the world both for medical and purely enjoyable reasons. You, too, can benefit from relaxing and pain-relieving yet rejuvenating body massage in Lynnwood.

Of all the millions of people who seek a body massage each year across the globe, more than 3/4 of them do so for medical reasons, such as stiff or sore muscles, injury prevention or recovery and relief from debilitating migraines. The advantages of a full-body or even a spot massage are almost too innumerable to mention.

Scientific studies have shown that massage is extremely effective for reducing both pain and unwelcome nausea and elevating a person’s mood. Massage can help individual body parts heal after only one session (but more are even better!).

The kneading and lifting motions that encompass a massage aid against inflammation, promote soft-tissue recovery and diminish pain in an atmosphere of calm and quiet relaxation. The cortisol levels in the body that are raised during stress are reduced during and after massage and valuable white blood cell counts increase (cancer fighters).

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