Benefits of Day Spa Treatments at Levisage Wellness Center & Spa

Only 23 shopping days ’til Christmas! The countdown has begun. Are you stuck for the perfect gift for the difficult people on your Christmas Shopping List? More and more folks have come to realize the beneficial results of Mukilteo Day Spa Treatments at Levisage Wellness Center & Spa.

Reduce Stress

Even the most tense individuals tout the relaxation experienced after a massage by the Mukilteo Massage Specialists at Levisage Wellness Center & Spa. With the prevalence of chronic stress experienced by a large number of people today, stress-related illnesses and diseases are diagnosed more and more. Such diseases as:

  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Hair Loss
  • Heart Disease
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Obesity
  • Anxiety Disorders (obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.)
  • Tooth and Gum Disease
  • Ulcers
Some health professional even believe that chronic stress can be a contributing factor to developing cancer.

Including a full body massage as part of your relaxation therapy can help reduce the negative stresses in your life. By forcing the muscles to relax, your cortisol and adrenaline levels will reduce. Followed by a sauna, and your stress reduction is completed. Not to be construed as a medical treatment for chronic stress, regular massages and other day spa treatments (facials, body rubs, etc.) are proven relaxation techniques. Consider this: by placing gift certificates for a visit to the Relaxation Specialists at Levisage Wellness Center & Spa under the Christmas Tree (or as stocking stuffers) can help improve the health of the lucky recipient.

Diminish Migraines

Everett Saunas at Levisage Wellness Center & Spa dilates your blood vessels. Much like caffeine or migraine medications, dilated blood vessels promotes reduced pressure that causes migraines. Increased blood flow from heat therapy also helps you sleep better. Imagine how much any person on your Christmas list will enjoy sleeping better or the migraine relief without chemical intervention.

Improve Digestion

A full body massage at Levisage Wellness Center & Spa not only reduces the stresses in your body, it:

  • Increases blood flow to your body
  • Aids digestion
  • Improves lung function
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and bodily waste

Improve Self-Image

Visiting the Everett Facial Experts at Levisage Wellness Center & Spa can definitely improve a person’s self-image. With improved skin and appearance, a person’s overall feeling of well-being is improved. For that special woman in your life, the Makeup Specialists at Levisage Wellness Center & Spa can prepare her for your special New Year’s Eve celebration.

With a myriad of high tech procedures to reduce the appearance of scarring from adolescent acne or other infections, anyone suffering from such scarring will definitely benefit from one of Levisage Wellness Center and Day Spa’s treatments:

Your esthetician can determine which treatment will benefit your specific needs best. For those with especially stubborn scarring, the Advanced Revitalization packages may be the best choice to achieve desired results:
Be sure to ask your esthetician about packages available for Christmas giving!