Bikini Waxing in Everett

Bikini Waxing in EverettHave you been considering the benefits of bikini waxing in Everett? There are actually numerous different types of bikini waxing from which to choose, with different results. Here is the scoop:

  • Best for first-time bikini waxers or for a “touch up,” a regular bikini wax removes the hair outside of the panty line.
  • A full wax is deeper than the regular bikini wax and sometimes includes top waxing to create a more outlined “triangle” area. The hair is also trimmed to a more manageable length. This is an excellent choice if you want to keep some hair but desire more definition in the area.
  • The French bikini wax eliminates all but a small strip of hair (landing strip) almost to the back. This treatment offers smooth skin with most of the hair gone except for the behind.
  • For complete hair removal from front to back, possibly with a small triangle in front, the Brazilian bikini wax is perfect for thong wearers.
  • Total hair deletion with thoroughly smooth skin is the result of a Hollywood wax.

The knowledgeable estheticians at Le Visage Wellness can offer guidance about the best bikini waxing treatment for your individual style and requirements. We guarantee a safe and effective spa experience that you can be pleased to display on the beach or for a special occasion.

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