Bikini Waxing in Lake Stevens for That Special Occasion


Bikini Waxing in Lake Stevens for That Special OccasionBikini waxing in Lake Stevens is a great way to prepare for a special event like a wedding or cruise or a trip to the beach. Just like with many procedures that involve the skin, there is a slight risk for infection. Issues like skin tears, abscesses, burns from hot wax, and bacterial infections are possible but preventable by both you and your cosmetician.

To reduce your chances of infection, ensure that you follow these essential tips during your session:

  • Supporting a salon that has positive recommendations within the community and is a clean facility, inside and out.
  • Making sure that all linen and towels are clean and sanitized between clients.
  • Ensuring that the clinician has washed her hands before beginning your waxing session and that she wears sterile gloves during the procedure.
  • Covering each area of skin only once.
  • Employing a new applicator for every dip of wax.

While the risk for infection is low, it is helpful to remain aware of your surroundings, what equipment is used and how, as well as communicating your concerns to your cosmetologist. You can have a favorable waxing experience and leave silky smooth when the appropriate measures are taken to ensure your safety.

If you have sensitive skin, taking an OTC pain reliever before your session can ensure that you have minimal discomfort.

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