Bio-Identical Hormones in Bellevue

Bio-Identical Hormones in Bellevue

If you have heard of bio-identical hormones in Bellevue, you may be wondering if this type of treatment is right for you. Even if you are on traditional hormone replacement therapy, you may want a consultation to see if bio-identical hormones may provide better benefits to you.

The difference between bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and traditional hormone replacement therapy is that bio-identical hormones are the same as the hormones your body naturally produces and isn’t able to tell the difference than if you had created them yourself.

One significant benefit is that bio-identical hormones are created specifically for you. They are not mass-produced. Your individual hormone levels are carefully considered, and your dosages are then developed so you can get precisely what you need and have an area where you have a deficiency addressed.

There are some other significant possible benefits of taking bio-identical hormones. A lot of patients notice reduced fatigue, increased sex drive, improved sleep, clearer thoughts and memory, thicker hair, and more beautiful skin. These are just a few of the possible benefits of bio-identical hormones.

When you first begin taking your hormones, you may not notice any changes for the first one or two weeks, but after six to eight weeks, you should notice the full effects of the medication. At this point, you may decide to have your hormones re-evaluated to see if they are at optimal levels, or if you need to readjust. You will want to make sure you pay attention to any changes you feel going on with your body during this period.

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