Bio-Identical Hormones in Bothell

Bio-Identical Hormones in Bothell

You may have heard about bio-identical hormones in Bothell and be wondering what exactly they are and how they compare to other hormone replacement products out there in the market. Only you and your trusted health care provider can decide what is right for you, but you may want to investigate the differences between the two.

To be considered bio-identical, that means that they must be the exact copy of human hormones. Bio-identical hormones are comprised of progesterone, estriol, and estradiol created in compounding pharmacies. This way, your prescribing health practitioner and your pharmacist can work together to individualize treatment to meet your needs specifically. Your doctor considers your personal hormone levels, needs, and unique symptoms.

On the other hand, synthetic hormones do not need to be the exact composition of the hormone they are replacing. Synthetic progestin, human-made progesterone, and equine (horse) estrogens only have about 30% of the same structure to human hormones and may be more suited to horses rather than humans. They also are not compounded, so the dosage is most likely not exactly what you need and maybe too strong or too weak to address your symptoms. This has the potential to be very uncomfortable, and symptoms may even worsen while the doctor works out the levels.

If you have previously been on synthetic hormones, under the guidance of a licensed health practitioner may be able to make the change from synthetic to bio-identical. As with any new medication, the effects may take weeks, or in some cases months, to become noticeable. Some patients report a better quality of life after making the switch to bio-identical hormones.

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