Bio-Identical Hormones in Edmonds for Menopausal Symptoms

Bio-Identical Hormones in Edmonds for Menopausal Symptoms

If your hormones are “out of whack,” it can cause a myriad of problems in your body, including mood, digestion, appetite, growth, libido and immune function. Traditional treatment for this problem is hormone replacement therapy. Another option is bio-identical hormones in Edmonds, which is a more natural solution.

BHRT works well for men and women, but women can really benefit if they suffer symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. It can also be used for those undergoing cancer treatments and people who are insulin resistant and those who have osteoporosis, adrenal or thyroid disorders and fibromyalgia.

Bio-identical hormones are plant-based and are chemically identical to naturally-occurring hormones in the body. They are available as creams, gels, pills, patches, and injections. Some are manufactured by drug companies and others are compounded by a pharmacy as instructed by a physician.

BHRT relieves unpleasant symptoms of menopause that can include, mood swings, memory loss, hot flashes, night sweats, sleep problems, loss of libido or painful sex and weight gain. This therapy can also lessen your risk for cataracts, diabetes and tooth loss, as well as helping improve your skin.

Your doctor will advise you about BHRT and what form is best for you and your lifestyle. It is important that you be monitored while undergoing treatment to ensure safety and effectiveness. Your dosage should be the lowest possible for the shortest amount of time, as with conventional hormone replacement therapy.

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