Bio-Identical Hormones in Kirkland

Bio-Identical Hormones in Kirkland

Searching for bio-identical hormones in Kirkland can be a little bit overwhelming if you aren’t exactly sure what the benefits of this type of hormone replacement therapy. There are several benefits to bio-identical hormone therapy that are worth investigating.

One of the significant reported benefits is that many patients say that there are fewer side-effects. Patients often report side effects of synthetic hormones like reduced sex drive, high blood sugar, fatigue, depression, hair loss, etc. Although these side effects are usually not life-threatening, they can hurt your quality of life. Some patients may be able to function okay and become used to them, but it does not mean that it is optimal. These side effects are likely because synthetic hormones are often less precise and can have a damaging impact on the endocrine system. With bio-identical hormones, the doctor and compounding pharmacist can create precisely the right dosage for your specific needs, and you will be less likely to experience uncomfortable side-effects.

Another reported benefit is that bio-identical hormones may actually perform better in your system than their synthetic counterparts. This is most likely because they are chemically the same as human-produced hormones instead of just being similar. Patients can typically take a lower dose of bio-identical hormones because they are more powerful and are more productive. By working with your health care provider, you should be able to come up with the correct dose to meet your specific needs and ensure that your hormones are functioning at their optimal level, not just within normal ranges.

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