Body Massage for Seniors

body massage in EdmondsMany older adults may believe that a body massage in Edmonds may no longer be an option that they previously utilized due to the numerous ailments that often accompany the aging process. That is not only untrue but unfortunate. Le Visage Wellness offers massage therapy and other treatments not only for all body types, but all ages.

Senior citizens and others may frequently suffer a variety of health issues that they suppose would prevent them from receiving the wonderful advantages of a body massage. Problems such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, COPD, edema, osteoporosis, arthritis and hypertension are all common issues. Although mature individuals may need to receive prior doctor approval before having a massage to be certain that it is safe, it is a beneficial treatment that can have lasting results.

Whether in a 30 minute or hour-long massage, seniors can enjoy increased circulation, a stimulated nervous system, deep relaxation, softened muscles and body tissues and an overall feeling of well-being. The estheticians at Le Visage Wellness are sensitive to the needs of all of our patrons and will provide special techniques and considerations for each unique situation, whether for an aging adult or someone with another precise need.

Call (425) 905-2410 to discuss your specific requirements for a body massage in Edmonds or to schedule an appointment with Le Visage Wellness. Do not let your age or infirmity keep you from living life to the fullest and receiving the long-term benefits of a body massage. We look forward to helping you feel invigorated and rested.