The Basics On Body Massage in Lynnwood


The Basics On Body Massage in Lynnwood

If you have never had a body massage in Lynnwood before, you may be a little apprehensive and not know what to expect. We’ll address your concerns here so that you can enjoy your massage experience.

Before you go for your spa session, ensure that you are not ill and that you do not have any skin irritation. Drink plenty of water and don’t eat before the procedure.

When you arrive for your appointment, your massage therapist will take a brief health history to learn about medical conditions you may have, areas on your body to target, pain tolerance, medications you are taking, etc., to ensure you have a pleasant experience. They will explain the massage process and answer any questions you may have. You will also probably be given some water to drink right before the massage and afterward.

You will be asked to disrobe and lie on the massage table where you can cover yourself with a sheet or towel. Let your therapist know if you are uncomfortable at any time. Only the area of the body that the therapist works on will be exposed, and your private parts will be covered the entire time.

Many massage therapists play soothing music during the treatment, but you can bring your music if you like or have it turned off.

Enjoy your massage by relaxing and breathing slowly. Loosen muscles to get the most from the massage techniques. Tight muscles disturb the process. Let your therapist know if you are having a hard time with tight muscles, as the massage method may need adjustment.

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