Can Men Use Mukilteo Makeup?

1There is no shame in a man wanting to improve his everyday appearance with cosmetics. Research indicates that the cosmetic industry for men has grown beyond $100 billion! So, apparently, the products are being flourished without embarrassment. The fact of the matter is, quality cosmetics properly applied are virtually indistinguishable to your peers. With the best cover-ups and professional training, any man can increase his confidence by looking his absolute best. Don’t limit yourself to men’s cosmetics either, for, as you can imagine, women’s lines have had quite a head start with regards to development. Mukilteo Makeup products and professionals are fully certified to assist with an questions or concerns you may have as a man new (or not) to the artistry of cosmetics.


A chronic skin condition akin to acne, rosacea is a chronic skin condition characterized by erythema (redness) on the cheeks, nose, chin and around the eyes. Sometimes called adult acne, rosacea’s cause is unknown. Although most common in women, men do suffer from the characteristic blush of rosacea as well.

The best way to conceal any redness in your skin is with yellow or golden concealers. Intuitively, one would think that green would be the best tone to ‘cancel’ the redness; however, green concealers will leave you with a pasty, sickly appearance. Jane Iredale has a line of yellow based mineral  concealers that are especially effective at neutralizing the erythema of rosacea; with Warm Sienna being the most popular and Warm Silk, Amber and Golden Glow working quite well also.

Bruising/Dark Under Eye Circles/Birthmarks

Long, hard hours of work and stress-filled, sleepless nights show all over your face, especially with dark circles and bags under the eyes. Short of taking the time to rest appropriately; or taking the time needed to use a cold compress to reduce swelling, the next best way to improve your appearance is with make-up and/or concealer.

With intense bruising or significantly dark circles and birthmarks, some color may show through even the best concealers. Using a product by Jane Iredale that is specifically made to reduce the appearance of that ‘hung-over’ look include:

  • Disappear
  • Circle/Delete in peach tones
  • Enlighten

The same products are highly effective in concealing birthmarks as well. With proper Mukilteo Makeup Application Training, you can learn how to diminish the appearance of facial birthmarks, if desired.

Keeping in mind that a woman, fully versed in the application of cosmetics — including the full ride; concealer, base/foundation, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara — can finish everything in 10-15 minutes; your morning ablutions should take no more than 5-10 minutes. The extra time could well be worth it!