Choose Naturopathic Medicine in Mukilteo for Health Treatment

Choose Naturopathic Medicine in Mukilteo for Health Treatment

For medical intervention that is less invasive than traditional medical therapies and takes the whole person into consideration rather than just symptoms, you need a physician who is licensed in naturopathic medicine in Mukilteo. A naturopath will seek ways to elevate your body’s innate healing abilities without resorting to potentially harmful medication and diagnostics.

According to a study by the Institute for Natural Medicine and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, there are six reasons to opt for a naturopathic doctor:

  • You want a treatment that is designed just for you.
  • A naturopathic physician will treat “all of” you, as a whole person, rather than just addressing your symptoms.
  • You want to get to the source of your health issues and not just treat the symptoms of the problems.
  • You want to be an active participant in taking care of your overall health.
  • You suffer from chronic pain and do not want to manage it with pharmaceuticals like additive opioids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.
  • You have attempted to resolve your health problems in a variety of conventional ways with little to no success.

Many chronic health conditions with symptoms like insomnia, gastrointestinal upset, and fatigue can be tricky to diagnose and resolve with traditional medicine. However, they can be more easily addressed with a holistic or natural approach, which will include a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs.

A naturopathic physician will utilize a health exam, laboratory testing, disease and prescription drug histories, lifestyle, diet, exercise programs, and emotional and social factors to determine what is wrong and make a recommendation for treatment based on these factors.

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