Consider Professional Bikini Waxing In Everett

Consider Professional Bikini Waxing In Everett

When the winter months are in full swing, the last thing we usually worry about is having our bikini area waxed and in perfect shape for these cold times. However, if you are lucky enough to be escaping the frigid temps and heading someplace warm and tropical and need to look your best, give the clinicians at LeVisage Wellness a call for all of your needs when it comes to bikini waxing in Everett.

Bikini waxing has become one of the most popular spa-offered services across the country recently. With waxing, the hair is removed right at the root using hygienic methods causing hair to grow back at a much slower rate than shaving does, meaning you can go 2-3 weeks between waxing sessions rather than days as you do with shaving. Another benefit that waxing provides is that there is no uncomfortable and unsightly stubble after a few hours or days and also gets rid of any razor burn and or rash issues as well.

With waxing, there is the chance that damage can occur to the hair follicles while being pulled out, which halts hair regrowth, resulting in sparse hairs that will reappear. Waxing is a much faster method of hair removal as opposed to shaving, more surface area of hair is able to be removed at once instead of a small section at a time. Waxing is also much more cost-effective than having laser hair removal or electrolysis sessions and is generally much less painful.

There are several different choices available to you when it comes to bikini waxing, including a complete bikini wax in which no hair remains, a partial waxing called a Brazilian wax as well as California waxes and many other options.  If you are looking for a smooth and sleek body just in time for your winter getaway or if you have any other questions about bikini waxing in Everett, give the professionals at LeVisage Wellness a call today at (425) 905-2410 to set up your private consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!