Deep Tissue Massage in Edmonds for Muscle Pain

Deep Tissue Massage in Edmonds for Muscle PainAnyone who has suffered with back, shoulder or other muscle pain, knows the limitations that this issue places on your daily activities, including the most basic movements of bending, sitting, reaching or standing. A professional deep tissue massage in Edmonds can be the answer for relief of acute or chronic muscle pain and stiffness.

Particularly advantageous for the shoulders, neck, upper and lower back and tight leg muscles, deep tissue massage realigns deep muscle layers that have become skewed and breaks down the bands of stiff, painful tissue (called adhesions) that can cause poor circulation, inflammation, pain and restricted movement. Deep tissue massage differs from other types of massage in that it utilizes slow, deliberate and concentrated pressure on the specific areas of concern like connective tissue around the muscles, deep within the body.

A wonderful benefit for those who have chronic pain, deep tissue massage can provide welcome relief for your pain and stiffness in a single session, although regularly scheduled sessions can supply longer-lasting relief. Due to deep muscle penetration, there is sometimes some soreness after a treatment but this is easily and quickly remedied with ice and/or medication.

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