Does Pain Have a Place in Deep Tissue Massage in Mukilteo?

deep tissue massage in Mukilteo

Many people are reluctant to schedule a deep tissue massage in Mukilteo because they fear the pain that may result during the procedure. It helps to understand that there are really three types of pain – good, bad and ugly. Let’s explore the issue further.

Not all pain is therapeutic, just as not every therapeutic massage is free from some pain. Everyone has a different massage pressure tolerance and what may be painful for one person is welcome to another. There may also be varying differences in comfort depending upon what area is being massaged. Some body parts are more receptive than others, and some are more tender to touch.

The key to a great massage is communicating effectively with your massage therapist. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. If you desire more pressure, ask for it and if it is too uncomfortable, please speak up. Respectfully outline your needs and discuss them with the therapist. This benefits you both at the same time.

Pain can be divided into three separate categories: good, bad and ugly. Good pain provides welcome relief from stiff muscles that have been successfully loosened. Bad pain has no apparent benefits and is usually accompanied by burning, sharp or hot sensations. Ugly pain is never acceptable and can even be harmful.

Speak with a professional massage therapist at Le Visage Wellness at (425)905-2410 before a deep tissue massage in Mukilteo. Outline what you expect and want and do not be fearful of changing mid-massage.