Effective Chin Hair Removal

chin hair removal in EdmondsIt is one of the last taboos – those thick, wiry hairs that grow out of your chin. They don’t feel like any other hair, not brows, not lashes.. They are strong, and mighty and defiant. They are as sharp as needles. They’re like pig hairs. And they’re sneaky too, you think there are just one or two because you pluck them away the minute they poke their evil heads out, but if you let them all grow, you’d see there are many more of them, they just grow at different rates. And they keep coming and coming at you, like tiny, hairy zombies.

Some women of all ages have coarse hair around their chin because of a genetic predisposition.  Facial hair is coarser than body hair and can grow at a 90 degree angle, which is why they can literally look like they are sticking out of your face. This new hair is down to hormones: as we age, our bodies lose estrogen, so testosterone cases us to grow more hair where men have it, on our faces. No wonder we don’t want to talk about it.

Don’t shave them, but that’s obvious, right? Because you’ll end up with stubble. Ways to get rid of them: chin waxing. So the next time you step into a spa and having a bikini or underarm wax done, consider chin waxing. You will be glad you did it. If you are looking for a effective way to handle chin hair removal in Edmonds, contact Le Visage Wellness Center at 425-905-2410.