Embrace Your Best Self with Hydraclean in Edmonds

hydraclean in Edmonds

For better or for worse, our appearance says a lot about us when meeting new people. Every time you meet someone new, you are appraised, and an impression is formed. It is difficult to change a first impression so making the most of your assets is critical to ensure that you are your “best self” when in the public eye. Appearance is key. Not only should your attire be neat and pressed, but your hair, nails and skin should be clean and fresh. You can effectively prepare your skin for that important occasion with hydraclean in Edmonds.

For the best first impression, whether on a date, job interview or other scenario, also follow these tips:

  • Be punctual. If an unavoidable situation arises that will cause you to be late, phone the person you are meeting to apprise them of the delay.
  • Appear confident but at ease. Relax (as much as you can).
  • Appropriately express your individuality within the context of the meeting.
  • Smile sincerely.
  • Use body language to project poise and self-assurance. This includes standing tall, smiling, making eye contact and using a firm (not limp) handshake.
  • Prepare some personal information about yourself for the inevitable “small talk” that is likely to occur.
  • Exhibit a positive attitude.
  • Be polite, attentive and courteous. TURN OFF THE CELL PHONE!

While certainly every first impression is not totally accurate, doing your utmost to convey your best self will aid in giving others a favorable opinion of you. For help with your appearance, contact the experienced team at Le Visage Wellness at (425)905-2410 to schedule your appointment for hydraclean in Edmonds.