Enjoy a Relaxing Body Massage in Edmonds

Enjoy a Relaxing Body Massage in EdmondsProfessional massage therapy has proven beneficial for both relaxation and pain relief for centuries. It has a number of additional advantages, as well. Learn more here about why you should sign up for your personal body massage in Edmonds.

A number of common medical problems can be relieved with a massage, including: joint pain and stiffness, migraines and tension headaches, osteoarthritis and more. Range of motion and increased flexibility. Extensive research by the Touch Institute of the University of Miami School of Medicine has resulted in the discovery that body massage improves sleep, lessens the occurrence of anxiety and headaches and elevates serotonin levels in individuals who suffer from migraines.

With physician approval, pregnant women can find welcome relief from aches and pains with massage therapy. The University of Miami School of Medicine encourages massages during pregnancy to decrease frequency of back and leg pain, decrease levels of anxiety, improve the amount of restful sleep and lower levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine. A study conducted with depressed pregnant women found that massage elevated levels of the “feel good” hormones, serotonin and dopamine, decreased stress hormone cortisol levels and developed a substantial improvement in mood.

Talk with the experienced clinicians at Le Visage Wellness by calling (425)905-2410 to schedule your consultation for a body massage in Edmonds for pain relief or relaxation from medical issues or life, in general. Having periodic massages can result in constant relief. We guarantee your satisfaction with private massage therapy sessions from our certified massage personnel.