Enjoy a Therapeutic Swedish Massage in Everett

Swedish Massage in EverettDeep tissue massage and Swedish massage in Everett are the most well-recognized and practiced types of therapeutic massage in the United States and are best practiced by professionals specially trained in the art. Swedish massage is the basis for other types of massage, such as deep tissue and sports massage and has its origin in the physiology and anatomy of the body to provide the most optimum results. While it has been around for decades, it experienced a resurgence in popularity in the 1970s as part of the counter-culture movement of the era.

Personal preference and the goals for the massage dictate how gentle or vigorous the procedure may be. You should inform the therapist of any health issues that you may have and any particular areas of concern. A combination of techniques will be utilized for specific needs.

The therapist will apply a massage oil to the skin to eliminate friction and perform different massage strokes to warm up muscle tissues, release tension and break up adhesions. Only the portion of the body being massaged is exposed and you typically lay face down for the first part of the session. As each area of the body is addressed, the therapist kneads, stretches and taps each muscle in turn.

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