Enjoy the Effects of Rejuvenating Peels in Mukilteo

Rejuvenating Peels in MukilteoWhat exactly IS a chemical peel? Why should I have one? Are they painful? What type of results should I expect? The list of questions about the effects of rejuvenating peels in Mukilteo is almost endless.

We all know that sun exposure, aging, eating habits over a lifetime, stress and medication side effects can be detrimental to our skin. You may have drooping, loose and crepey skin that emphasizes your age or even makes you appear older than you are.

The advantages of chemical peels are immediately apparent. Since dead skin cells are removed and large pores minimized, skin is left smooth and radiant. Additionally, the process stimulates the growth of new skin cells.

The chemical peel process is straightforward. It begins with a complete cleanse of the treatment area; usually the face and/or neck. The peel is applied and remains in place for several minutes. This typically leaves a warm and tingling sensation. The peel is gently removed. That’s it! To ensure safety, it is recommended that you refrain from sun exposure and not use skin products with active ingredients for at least one day.

The effects of rejuvenating peels in Mukilteo provide excellent results after only a single session but repeat treatments supply even more. Call the expert estheticians at Le Visage Wellness today at (425)905-2410 to schedule your personal chemical peel treatment. We will address any inquiries you may have about this rejuvenating treatment and offer guidance about optimal skin care products and restoration. Allow our professionals to help you look and feel younger than you ever thought possible!