Erase Wrinkles with Hydralift in Mukilteo

hydralift in Mukilteo

Millions of dollars every year are spent by the cosmetic industry to create and develop anti-aging products that include cleansers, masks, moisturizers, lotions, creams and serums. A variety of merchandise is available both over-the-counter and through a prescription that eliminates dull and drooping skin, wrinkles and fine lines, sagging eyelids, scars, blemishes and age spots and uneven skin tone. The public welcomes all such treatments, as this industry continues to boom annually. One treatment that is available in the salon that offers excellent results is hydralift in Mukilteo. This non-surgical facial lessens the signs of aging and is quite affordable.

Dramatic results can be seen after a single session, but the greatest effects are obvious after three treatments. At your appointment, the esthetician will evaluate your skin to determine the best products for your type of skin and your lifestyle. No injections, anesthesia or recovery time is required.

The hydralift process involves tightening facial muscles through an oxygenation and ionization procedure, leaving skin more relaxed, radiant, brighter and smooth.

Though conventional facelifts do provide rather spectacular results, they are highly aggressive and can potentially lead to complications, side effects and infection. The cost is exorbitant and not an option for most individuals since it is not usually covered by insurance plans. As major surgery is required, recovery can take several weeks to a few months.

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