Everett Custom Blended Makeup!

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When you are glamming up for an evening on the town — please, please be certain that you have chosen a foundation color that is appropriate for your complexion! To assure that you never need worry about that tell-tale line around your face there a couple choices:

  1. Slather your neck and chest with foundation
  2. Wear only turtle necks
  3. Have your foundation custom blended by Everett Custom Blended Makeup

The added cost of having your foundation custom blended is offset by the expense of purchasing, trying, suffering disappointment, trashing the seemingly ‘perfect’ foundation and beginning the whole vicious cycle all over again! Before mixing your custom foundation, an esthetician must first determine your skin tone:

  • At least 15 minutes prior to your appointment — with a gentle cleanser, thoroughly wash your face, neck and chest. Pat the area dry, do not apply any moisturizers or foundation!
  • Your esthetician will — hold both a piece of silver and a piece of gold foil approximately 3-5 inches in front of your face. If the gold foil brings a healthy glow to your face, your skin tone is ‘warm’. If the silver foil brings a healthy glow to your face, your skin tone is ‘cool’. You will notice a grayish pallor when the wrong foil is held to your face.
  • Alternate method — your esthetician may choose to hold  white paper in front of your face. If your skin appears yellow or golden, you have a ‘warm’ tone; conversely, if your appearance is rosy or bluish-red, you have a ‘cool’ skin tone.
  • Confirmation — your esthetician may confirm your skin tone by looking behind either ear; by pulling the ear forward, the esthetician can see the skin in the crease behind your ear. Unless you’ve ‘bottle’ tanned in this area, this will confirm your true skin tone.

Skin tone can be disguised by acne or color imbalances, but genetics and gender determine the type and tone of skin you have. Environmental, dietary and physiological factors can alter the appearance of your skin. Skin undertone, on the other hand, remains unchanged throughout your life. You can determine your skin undertone by:

  • Under natural light (not fluorescent!) look at the veins on your wrist. If the veins appear blue, you have ‘cool’ undertones. If your veins appear green, you have ‘warm’ undertones. If the veins are not visible, you have neutral undertones.
  • Hair and eye color can help determine your skin’s undertones. Generally, if you have blue, green or gray eyes with blond, brown or black hair with shades of blue, silver, violet or ash tones; your skin likely has ‘cool’ undertones. On the other hand, if you have hazel, amber, brown or black eyes with strawberry blonde, red, brown or black hair with tones of gold, red, orange or yellow; it is likely that your skin has ‘warm’ undertones.
  • ‘Cool’ undertones look better with silver, white gold or platinum jewelry, while those with ‘warm’ undertones look better with gold jewelry.
  • Where clothing colors are concerned, ‘cool’ undertones look better in jewel tones (blue, pink, pure white, etc.) and ‘warm’ undertones look best in earth tones.

Lake Stevens custom blended makeup experts are well versed in the art of determining you skin tone, undertone, texture and moisture content. Your custom blended foundation will be formulated specifically to highlight your skin.