Everett Spa Treatment & Lynnwood Spa Treatment – Top 10 Reasons to Indulge in a Spa Treatment

Top 10 Reasons to Indulge in an Everett Spa Treatment & Lynnwood Spa Treatment

Everett Spa TreatmentOne of the first things to be removed from the ‘must have’ list in today’s frugal environment is anything that is considered self-indulgent. Spa Treatment is likely one indulgence that would be cut from your monthly budget.

As you sit down and crunch the numbers of your monthly budget, before eliminating (or NOT adding) regular luxuries such as Spa Treatments, be sure to remember the following:

10. Treat your body like the temple it is – even with a 15-minute sauna (traditional or steam)

9.  It is a fact that if you look great, you’ll feel great – learn to apply the best makeup for you correctly

8.  If you’re feeling a bit rough around the edges – a full body firming coffee rub will take years off your limbs

7. Looking or feeling tired? Try a European Facial to erase the fatigue from your face!

6. Want to look your absolute best for that job interview? A series of microdermabrasion will remove any embarrassing acne scars left from adolescence.

5.  The best way to reduce stress from a high-power job or motherhood is a Full Body Massage.

4.  Tired of applying mascara and eyebrow pencil every day? Tinting is a very affordable alternative to this daily ritual.

3. If you shave your legs daily, waxing is a ‘green’ alternative with biodegradable waste and no un-recyclable plastics added to local landfills.

2.  Interested in alternative medical treatment? Dr. Said Sokhandan practices a variety of homeopathic and naturopathic Seattle medicine with remedies quite successfully.

1. By keeping in touch with the Le Visage Wellness Center & Spa website, you can actually save money on treatments with monthly specials and introductory packages.

Perhaps it is best to start car-pooling or carrying your lunch in order to shift your expenses to “necessary” indulgences. As a full-service facility, you will enhance your life with by beginning/continuing to pamper yourself with complete Everett Spa Treatment and Lynnwood Spa Treatment.