Fabulous Everett Massages that Rejuvinate The Body and Mind

I have always been a fan of massages or getting a massage. It is my typical way of releasing a week’s tension or stress, plus, it is beneficial for my health as it eases out fatigued and sore muscles. I heard from a friend that there is a new style of massage that guarantees not only relaxation but healing as well. It is called Mukilteo stone massage or commonly referred to as hot stone massage as well. It is not your usual massage, here they take your massage to a new level using therapeutic approach and relaxing techniques using stones. Yes, these stones are the primary tool used in this massage.

This massage is unexpectedly gentle, smooth, and does not require hard kneading from therapists who have the proper knowledge and training. So if you have bits of reservation for those hard point massages but long for a deep-muscle-massage, this would be the better option. These stones are practically made of basalt, a kind of rock that generally retains heat and stays warm during the massage. It is heated first to up to one hundred and twenty degrees (Fahrenheit) just to retain the heat during the whole massage experience. River rocks are commonly used for this massage as they have the quality of being smooth and flat. The Everett Massage therapist would hold the stone first before placing in on your body to avoid burn injuries or scalding and when it is placed on your body, the heat is already manageable.

Stone massage is excellent for people who suffer from back pains, nervous system problems; any arthritis related pains, stress, insomnia, as well as depression. These stones are placed on areas where the massage therapist feels the need for certain pressure. Usually, the massage therapist would start off by the routine oil placed on your back; afterwards, the therapist would glide these rocks and starts to place it on each areas of your body. They even have small stones that would fit your palms and toes as well. This massage would normally last for an hour. Stone massage however is not recommended for people with infectious skin diseases or prone to blood clotting.