Facials in Mukilteo are Part of Your Overall Fall Skin Care Routine

Neck Massage in MukilteoJust as you prepare your home and vehicles, as well as your wardrobe, for cooler weather, there are several steps to take to prepare your skin for dry, colder weather. Facials in Mukilteo should definitely be part of that routine to ensure proper moisturizing and exfoliation of skin. Nine more tips include:

  1. Switch from shower gels to a creamy body wash that moisturizes instead of drying out skin.
  2. Take advantage of the hydrating oils and exfoliating benefits of an oil-based scrub for the body.
  3. Hydrate your skin (all of it) daily with lotion right after a shower or bath to seal in moisture.
  4. Look over your skin to see if your skin type changes. If you have oily skin normally, it might be drier and vice versa. Change your cleanser accordingly.
  5. Remember that you still need sunscreen every day.
  6. Keep your feet smooth and soft with a foot scrub.
  7. Dry cuticles are common in colder months. Soften them with a specialized cuticle oil to keep cracked skin at bay.
  8. Avoid pastel nail colors now that summer is over. Make a statement with deep, rich colors that complement the season.
  9. Use a hand cream every day. Go so far as to keep a tube in your purse and use it after every hand washing.
To learn more about proper skin care from professionals, contact Le Visage Wellness at (425)905-2410. We specialize in several varieties of fabulous facials in Mukilteo for every skin type. Let us help you look even better this fall and winter!