Facials & Skin Care In Bellevue

Facials & Skin Care In Bellevue

Skincare is a daily step that can get skipped a lot of times. From trying to take care of the family to getting everything done by the end of the day, your skincare routine can go by the wayside. That’s why LeVisage Wellness Center & Spa provides a variety of services to help put you back in tip-top shape. With our facials & skin care in Bellevue service options, you can feel and look younger than you ever have before. We provide a relaxing atmosphere to help you unwind and get your skin back in great shape. Our therapy options are varied depending on your specific skin care needs.

Check out a few of the options we provide below and call our office to set up your appointment.

Face Lift

Do you need a lift, but you don’t want to deal with surgery? Our specialists can help! We provide you with a non-surgical facelift spa experience that will have your skin looking fresh and youthful.

Texture and Tone

Our facials can help to drastically improve any texture or tone issues you may be concerned about. Our team members will work with you to find out the best facial options for your specific situation.

Eye Area

You may feel as if your eyes are telling your age more than the rest of your face. With our specialty eye mask treatment, you can rejuvenate your eyes and bring back your youthful appearance.

Other Issues

You may be dealing with other skincare conditions such as sunspots, dark spots, or you need help with exfoliation. Whatever your unique concerns are, we have a solution to help. Call our office today by reaching out at (425) 905-2410 to learn more about our facials & skin care in Bellevue.