FAQs about Prolotherapy in Everett


FAQs about Prolotherapy in EverettYou may have heard of prolotherapy in Everett as a treatment option for joint pain and instability, but do you wonder what it is and how it works? Here are a few FAQs about the procedure and how it can help patients:

  • Prolotherapy is another name for regenerative injection therapy. It is a widely-recognized orthopedic practice used to strengthen damaged or weakened joints by stimulating the body’s own natural healing processes. Traditional therapies usually involve anti-inflammatory medication and even surgery. Prolotherapy is non-invasive and has none of the side effects of those strategies.
  • An irritant solution is injected directly into the injured area, creating a controlled, quite mild reaction that rouses the body’s innate healing mechanisms to create new tissue in the damaged joint or tendon. The new tissue helps to gradually restore strength to the area and relieve pain from use.
  • The solution that is used in the injection contains natural substances and anesthetic agents. Usually, the primary ingredient is glucose.
  • Injection pain varies according to the treatment location, what solution is used and the physician’s skill in administering the prolotherapy treatment. There is typically a little swelling and stiffness afterward that can be alleviated with Tylenol.
  • Candidates for prolotherapy are evaluated with a complete medical workup that includes a physical, x-rays and labs. Success depends on the health, nutritional deficiencies and scope of the damage.
  • This therapy has proven success with the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and spine; and for TMJ and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Treatment is administered once every 1-3 weeks as directed by your treating physician.

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