Feel the Heal with Heat Massage in Lynnwood

Feel the Heal with Heat Massage in LynnwoodMost people enjoy the occasional massage as an indulgence or for a special occasion. For others, regularly scheduled massages provide instant relief and relaxation from life’s many daily concerns. Types and purposes of massages are as varied as the treatments they offer. If you suffer from deep muscle pain, for whatever reason, you must consider the benefits of heat massage in Lynnwood.

Muscle aches and stiffness and lower back pain are excellent candidates for a heat massage. Applying heat in addition to deep tissue pressure is a boon for tight, sore muscles no matter what the cause. A chronic condition, stress or unanticipated injury may be to blame for the pain. Knots of tension in muscles and soft tissues. These may be the result of stress, unanticipated injury or a chronic condition. Whatever the cause, tension in the soft tissues and muscles forms knots that restrict and inhibit effective blood circulation and lead to pain that may be uncomfortable or debilitating.

The application of heat via damp compresses or hot stones in combination with targeted massage techniques effectively eliminates knots, dilates blood vessels, increases nutrient distribution throughout the body, increases oxygen and heals damaged tissue. The result is reduced pain and stiffness and increased mobility, permitting you to continue to enjoy the activities you participated in before being sidelined with muscle pain.

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