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    Naturopathic Fertility treatment

    Naturopathic Fertility treatment blends innovative research and traditional natural remedies to treat individuals and to bring to light underlying causes of hormonal imbalance.

    It is important to address the reproductive organs as well as the interaction of the whole endocrine system on the body’s optimal functioning. Often there are underlying causes that are undiagnosed in individuals seeking infertility treatment. Naturopathic medicine is a model of whole person care that seeks out the underlying cause to make sure that treatment is complete and comprehensive.

    If you have been struggling to conceive, know that you don’t have to continue on this path alone. Dr. Rachel Day, our naturopathic doctor, specializes in both women’s health and fertility, and can help guide you and offer natural solutions to your fertility troubles.

    Please contact us at (425)905-2410 to schedule an initial consultation. We look forward to meeting you.