Finally! Help for Shaving Woes from Mukilteo Makeup Shop

Mukilteo Makeup ShopSensitive skin or no, razor burn can happen to you! OUCH!!! In it’s most benign state, razor burn, razor bumps, razor-burn folliculitis is most common on men’s faces due to daily shaving. It is not unusual for women to have razor burn either! Left untreated, razor-burn can become infected, requiring medical attention. If you suffer from razor-burn, Mukilteo Makeup Shop can ease the pain and embarassment of this affliction with Murad Razor Burn Rescue©.

What is Razor Burn?

Razor burn is the inflammation of the hair follicles from shaving. Usually, tiny cuts from the razor leave openings that can allow bacteria to migrate below the skin’s surface. Also, extremely close shaving can cause ingrown hairs by trapping smaller hairs below the surface. Both cases cause unsightly inflammation of the affected area.

Have you Heard of Pseudofolliculitis Barbae?

Psuedofolliculitis barbae is limited to the neck and face area (get it — barber?) — that appears as red dots in groups of 5 – 40 each. Repeated shaving will make the condition worse; the first step to eliminating existing pseudofolliculitis barbae is to refrain from shaving. This condition is more prevalent in darker complexions and is usually not caused by infection. Switching to either an electric razor or a ‘no bumps’ blade has shown significant improvement. For extreme cases, you may consider laser hair removal, waxing or depilatories.

What to Do to Prevent Razor Burn

Razor burn can be alleviated by:

  • Using sharp ‘no bump’ razor blades
  • Changing blades often
  • Not sharing blades with others
  • Using a high quality shave cream
  • Following shave with Murad Razor Burn Rescue©
What Ingredients are in Razor Burn Rescue©?
While there are numerous ingredients in the product, a listing of a portion to give you an understanding how17_FemSoinCorps Razor Burn Rescue© alleviates the pain and embarrassment of folliculitis:
> Witch Hazel — anti-irritant and astringent. Which hazel calms the burn.
> Glycolic Acid — synthetically produced form of  acid that occurs  naturally from sugarcane, beets and grapes. Glycolic acid improves skin elasticity and increases collagen production. This ingredient can also minimize effects of sun damage and reduce lines and wrinkles.
> Methylparaben — used as a preservative (from the benzoin gum tree) also acts as an anti-irritant/anti-microbial
> Greanium Maculatum OIl — an anti-inflammatory that maintains the skin’s suppleness and balances dry+oily skin
> Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil — said to have antiseptic properties also used to treat and  prevent infection.
> Isopropyl Palmitate — palm tree oil + isopropyl alcohol, used as a moisturizer and emollient
> Isostearic Acid — used as a moisturizer
Plus numerous other beneficial ingredients! This is a perfect combination of moisturizers, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and emollients to reduce the symptoms of razor burn.